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    Five tricks to teach you to maintain the original data cable, no longer afraid of breaking

    Cracking at the data cable interface has always been a problem for fruit fans. In fact, the data cable also needs maintenance. An original data cable can be used for three or five years after maintenance.The following small series will introduce some simple and practical data cable maintenance method…



    Common problems and solutions in wire harness processing

    There are always some situations in the processing and production of wire harnesses. For example, if the wire harness is stained with tin or the label cannot be stuck, the wire harness will be unqualified. However, with appropriate treatment methods, the scrap rate of wire harness can be reduced and …



    Discussion on "Black Spot" and "Cracking" of Enamelled Wire

    Usually, both manufacturers and users of enameled wire will encounter the sudden "deterioration" of the finished enameled wire. Black spots, brown or brown stains and other defects can be seen on the conductor through the paint film, and quality accidents such as cracking and falling off of the paint…



    Measurement of bare round copper wire diameter

    As we all know, the copper used in the production of wires and cables requires pure copper (purity is generally 99.9% ~ 99.95%), and the conductivity of pure copper is certain. Therefore, in the production process of copper wires, the wire diameter can be guaranteed by controlling the resistance, and…