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    How to choose a good USB data cable

    Category:Company News     Publish:2022-07-23 14:31:59     View:222

    The following will give you a detailed introduction to the quality and specifications of the USB data cable:

    1. Wire specifications and quality:

    In appearance, it is round or square in shape, and its sheath material is environmentally friendly TPE or PVC material; it is relatively soft to the touch, with good stretch and contact, that is, it will not break due to pulling, and will not be broken due to repeated When plugging and unplugging cause contact problems.

    The inner core of the wire is generally 4-core or 2-core round wire, and it is a good copper core. The large outer diameter of the wire is 3.5mm, the small outer diameter is 2mm, and the insulation thickness is 0.2mm. In addition, it has an aluminum foil spacer layer inside to isolate electromagnetic signals, and has also passed the ISO9001 product certification.

    2. USB connector quality

    Generally speaking, USB connectors are composed of rubber core, copper needle and iron shell. The appearance of the iron shell is nickel-plated or gold-plated, which is not only good in electroplating and will not rust, but also non-corrosive and destructive. gas. The appearance of its injection molding is made of TPE or PVC environmentally friendly rubber, and the gloss is bright, without shrinking, foaming, deformation and other bad phenomena.