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    What are the clever ways to store and organize all kinds of wires and data cables at home?

    Category:Company News     Publish:2022-07-23 14:33:06     View:209

    1. Velcro straps

    tie the wires one by one

    Find a box and put it upright, I used the previous Nokia mobile phone box.

    After putting it in the drawer, pull it open and you can see where the thread you need is from above.

    If you need to bring all kinds of threads on a business trip, just find a small cotton and linen bag and put it in the bag.

    2. Rubber Bands and U-Needles

    First, thread the rubber band through the paper clip.

    Then fix it on the paper clip.

    Then arrange the data lines.

    Then secure with paper clips and rubber bands.

    3. Do not throw away the small wire wrapped in colored paper that is usually used in the bakery to tie the toast bag. The wire can be tied with that.

    In addition, when you buy electrical appliances, there should also be a small wire for tying the wires in the original package. Don't throw it away. Find a special drawer or box to put the tied wire.

    Summary: The suggestion is to use the small iron wire with the wires when buying electrical appliances, tie all the data cables, and then put them in a special place for the drawer.

    4. Big clip, data cable, table

    First clip the large clip to the edge of the desk with the handle facing out

    Then put the USB interface port up and through the handle.

    Then hang the USB port on the clip.