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    Five tricks to teach you to maintain the original data cable, no longer afraid of breaking

    Category:Company News     Publish:2022-07-23 14:33:42     View:199

    Cracking at the data cable interface has always been a problem for fruit fans. In fact, the data cable also needs maintenance. An original data cable can be used for three or five years after maintenance.

    The following small series will introduce some simple and practical data cable maintenance methods for you.

    1. Insert and unplug as gently as possible

    When pulling out the data cable, don't be so simple and rude, try to be as gentle as possible.

    2. Avoid getting close to heat sources

    We all know that the skin of the data cable is gelatinous. If it is close to the small sun or a very hot mobile power supply, it will cause thermal expansion and contraction.

    3. Spring is installed at the interface

    This method is common on the Internet, and it is also adopted by netizens. It's very simple, just take out the used ballpoint pen spring. Then stretch it a little bit, slowly circle it into the data cable, and then rotate it to fix it.

    4. Tape around the interface

    This method is also very useful, but it is slightly ugly. Transparent glue is not good, easy to degumming. It is recommended to use tape wrapped around the water pipe (available at the hardware store, 2 pieces to get it). Although it is a bit like a mummy after wrapping, it is really easy to operate and easy to use. Saved more than 100~

    5. Rub oil (subject to consideration)

    This is the experience of netizens. The new data cable is relatively stiff. We can put the newly bought data cable in the sun until it softens, and then apply a little oil, so that the two ends will not be broken. (It always feels unreliable, and who would be willing to toss a new data cable so much = =!)