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    Common problems and solutions in wire harness processing

    Category:Industry News     Publish:2022-09-26 10:29:29     View:134

    There are always some situations in the processing and production of wire harnesses. For example, if the wire harness is stained with tin or the label cannot be stuck, the wire harness will be unqualified. However, with appropriate treatment methods, the scrap rate of wire harness can be reduced and the cost can be reduced.

    Common problems and solutions in harness processing are as follows:

    1. The harness is tinned

    When the wire is stained with tin, it may cause PVC to shrink when heated. Make statistics on the proportion of such situations. If many of them are like this, it should be that there is a problem in the process. Adjust the processing process in time. If it is a problem with the wire, replace the wire in time, choose a temperature resistant PVC, and control the time of tin staining not too long.

    2. Sticking labels is not sticky

    If the label is not sticky, it may be that there is oil stain on the harness, or the adhesive of the label itself is aging. Do not touch the dry adhesive surface directly with your hands when pasting, first paste it on a clean metal, and then paste it on the line one by one.

    3. Insufficient tension after crimping

    After the wire and terminal are crimped, they fail to pass the tension test. It is possible that whether the crimping range of terminals and wire conductors is suitable; The material and structure design of the blade; Material of terminal, etc. Eliminate the causes one by one.

    4. The terminal is off the PIN when threading the rubber housing

    The PIN of the terminal is often removed when the rubber housing is inserted. How do we solve this problem? In fact, you only need to pull back every time you insert a hole to solve this problem